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Cloud computing is the new technology which replace the work of hard disk. The old process of business is installing the software in the personal computer, connecting the computer and updating the data regularly. Cloud technology creates huge admin jobs. It reduces the cost, time and increases the business continuity and opportunity. In today’s world specification and business opportunity drag the focus of the working professionals towards Cloud Computing Training in Chennai. Cloud computing can be divided as private cloud and public cloud. Amazon, Azure, sales force, hadoop are some of the cloud providers who provide space to the companies. Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai with real time projects understand very well about the job industry and educational sector. The training is very helpful to clear the interview and to get placed in the top companies. Cloud technology is used only by the top companies because only top companies deal with huge data. Let us discuss on the topic Cloud Computing with Amazon, Salesforce and Hadoop Technology

Cloud and Amazon

Amazon auto scaling monitors multiple applications with less cost. Amazon quick sight adds new data connectors to the business apps. Amazon has reduced the service cost more than 30 times in the previous year. AWS help to enable new servers with in short time. Amazon has very good infrastructure physically and on the internet. The flexibility of auto scaling helps for self-managing infrastructure. Amazon is the global leader with 10 regions, 36 availability zones, and more than 50 edge locations. Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai train the students with latest updates to take up the responsibility and understand the technology.

Cloud and Hadoop

Amazon provides web services for the client server. Hadoop is very close to data science and data analysis. Data is replicated and the fault tolerance in the hadoop is the best feature which made the technology famous. The traditional data set is too costly and there are chances to loose the data but the hadoop technology is cost effective and less time consuming. Cloud Computing Courses with hadoop is the emerging course which is the gate way to the top most companies. Hadoop is scalable, cost effective, flexible, and fast. All these points made hadoop as the best technology among all the cloud services.

Cloud and sales force

Thus, Cloud Training in Chennai with sales force is the apt course for the people with sales experience. CRM analysis and consumer analysis gives correct picture of how to boost the sales and how to do the competitor analysis. To avail the huge opportunities analyzing the job market and technical advancement is very much important in today’s changing environment.

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