Life Cycle Model of Software Testing

Software Testing is used to find the bugs in the web applications. It is finding the input and output errors on the applications. Software testing has followed the life cycle model. We will discuss the lifecycle model of Software Testing from this blog. Testing is very important for the web applications to fix the bugs. […]

Brief Introduction of the Selenium Tool

Selenium is one of the best free open source automation testing tool for web applications. Selenium supports different browsers and different platforms. Selenium tool is also the same as the QTP tool. From this article, we will discuss the Brief Introduction of the Selenium Tool. The main four components of the Selenium tools are IDE, […]

Benefits and Techniques of using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the one of the fastest growing technology in the software market. This blog will explain the benefits and techniques of using digital marketing and strategies. In marketing field products and services has been changed but the strategies are followed by the same way in the marketing field. Now the technique is changed […]

Big Data Job Description

Big Data Job Descriptions to hire an All-star Team

Are you planning to hire a big data crew to organize your company data analytics program? Now it’s the time to finding the people with required knowledge and exact skill set which perfectly match to address your businesses that require can be an overwhelming task and there are only some key individuals you will require […]

Java Training

What Should You Know About JAVA Certification?

Are you really wants to get a Java certification for your career? Every Java developer should have a question in some point of time on their career. Even though the real fact that many Java experts learn Java Training Certification as they earn, without the necessitate of completing higher education or undergoing proficient certifications, some […]

Performance Testing

Top 5 reasons why should you invest in Performance Testing

Do you know why enterprises should invest in performance testing? Here are some reasons why it is difficult to invest in performance testing. To add great value to the application testing process you need to do automation performance tests. There are many tools are being influenced to weigh diverse aspects of the web application – […]

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS: What Should Developers Know?

Now Microsoft Edge is next to Android and iOS, taking the best browsing experience on Windows 10 to additional pockets all around the world. In this post let us discuss the features and availability of the new app from a developer vision. Testing and knowledge is a vital part of introducing a fresh product, as […]