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There are millions of website developed and still counting outside. Do you have any idea why PHP is so popular? Apart from these advantages such as free, open source, there are several PHP benefits that drag the attention of clients and developers towards it.  So let’s take a glance at few of the 7 Major Reasons Why PHP Is Becoming So Popular. Learn PHP Training in Chennai to acquire greater knowledge and shine in your career.


PHP programming is similar to composing an English article for the purpose of the computer. Apart from the fact that the language consists of bits and bytes. It is adaptable to be run on any other system productively. Hence writing a PHP script is quite straightforward and as against to another language. Therefore programmers can write intensely personalized scripts.

Zero Cost

PHP is said to be an open source framework, referring that it is free, handy and supported by documentation loads. All these make PHP to be one of the savviest systems which have identified its path into famous applications such as Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Twitter and more. Thus being open source also refers that PHP is readily accessible for the new developers who need to examine their aptitude in coding. Take up PHP Course in Chennai to enhance your career growth.

Works Especially well with CMS

PHP creates scripting amoebic, permitting developers to change the codes as and when they will. Almost all the PHP websites are completely customizable and may be converted to reach the customer requirements with ease because the content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others are mainly based on PHP. Thus, integrating or developing a robust custom created CMS solution with your website is easy.


Any PHP code may be run on all important platforms, permitting the designers to cooperate the sites in its various stages. This would refer cost affordable usage of the present framework and work on the platforms like Linux, Windows, UNIX, and moreover an additional support to integrate MySQL and Apace.

Measurable, Effective and Flexible

This is distinctly understood from the fact that the huge social network i.e., Facebook runs on PHP. The quality of PHP for an active platform has led to the “Hack” creation, a subordinate language, to reach the changing requirements of the development. PHP does not require a server reboot which is to be updated as against to other competitive languages.

Extensions and other add-on

PHP is the most flexible language in the web development field. It permits the designers to make and add more updated functionalities which keep the end users hooked. In addition, plugins and extensions help the new developers manage with the challenges of programming.

Huge Libraries/Community

PHP is supported by a large library of tutorials and resources. Being open source, the developers learn from the users around the globe and this is a strong reason why PHP is compatible with every web developer today. There are numerous institutes which offer the best PHP Training, find the suitable one for you.

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