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What are the benefits of using essential oils for massage therapy?

The best way to enhance the experience and improve the person is when giving massage therapy to someone else, the client feels while you are relieving their pain in which area has been affected and uses different types of oils to make them feel more comfortable. The main use of essential oils helps to amplify […]

Top 25 Technologies to Learn in Next Year

JAVA Java is a simple high-level, object-oriented language for programming which helps to develop the multiple platform software. Java was developed and published by Sun Microsystems in 1995 as a programming language. Initially, the programming language originated from the Green Project. It is a separate platform for as many users; Java is a platform to […]

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Five Pillars of AWS

Creating software is like constructing a building. If the foundation is not solid, it is difficult to build the software. Security, Cost Optimization, Reliability, Operational Excellence and Performance Efficiency are the five pillars of AWS. Without these pillars it is difficult to build the software, this helps to focus on other aspects of design such […]

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How to over-come error handling in Dot net technology?

Error handling in is listed with three sequential orders. They are tracing, error handling, and debugging. Tracing is analyzing about the error from the page level to the application level. The second step is to know about the nature of the error like custom level error or application level error. The third step is […]

Life Cycle Model of Software Testing

Software Testing is used to find the bugs in the web applications. It is finding the input and output errors on the applications. Software testing has followed the life cycle model. We will discuss the lifecycle model of Software Testing from this blog. Testing is very important for the web applications to fix the bugs. […]

AngularJS and New Updates of the Angular

AngularJS is one of the very good JavaScript frameworks for users to develop the very powerful web applications. The AngularJS web apps are very faster and powerful. AngularJS apps are supports TypeScript, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. The new features are added in the AngularJS are HTTP service, menus, toolbars, animation, navigations, and more built-in […]

Brief Introduction of the Selenium Tool

Selenium is one of the best free open source automation testing tool for web applications. Selenium supports different browsers and different platforms. Selenium tool is also the same as the QTP tool. From this article, we will discuss the Brief Introduction of the Selenium Tool. The main four components of the Selenium tools are IDE, […]

Benefits and Techniques of using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the one of the fastest growing technology in the software market. This blog will explain the benefits and techniques of using digital marketing and strategies. In marketing field products and services has been changed but the strategies are followed by the same way in the marketing field. Now the technique is changed […]


Cloud Computing with Amazon, Salesforce and Hadoop Technology

Cloud computing is the new technology which replace the work of hard disk. The old process of business is installing the software in the personal computer, connecting the computer and updating the data regularly. Cloud technology creates huge admin jobs. It reduces the cost, time and increases the business continuity and opportunity. In today’s world […]

Different ways to enhance your software testing skills

For every software products, quality is the first and foremost priority in the industry. With the booming of IT industry, the demand for a highly qualified professional is on demand.  With the proper knowledge in testing, not only you can get testing projects, but also improve your skills in the testing domain. Many testing tools […]