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Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS

Now Microsoft Edge is next to Android and iOS, taking the best browsing experience on Windows 10 to additional pockets all around the world. In this post let us discuss the features and availability of the new app from a developer vision. Testing and knowledge is a vital part of introducing a fresh product, as every web developer should appreciate this.

It rather doesn’t take casually. For that windows can launch the new apps with a limited performance to get an opinion and learn.

You can easily get Android Apps from the Google Android play store but iOS has some restriction, it will be available for the limited audience in Apple’s Test Flight System. The developer should monitor and focus on current bugs, error in apps and then regularly update the apps with some new features. When developers will create quality apps with good features, it will be available in play store for public download.

Platforms and Engines

Most of the web developers’ queries windows expectation is – Did you post EdgeHTML to Android and iOS? What kind of engine are you using?

Windows choices are directly connected to how they think about the target of the EdgeHTML engine itself on Windows10.

A web technology is considered to be the difficult one that in huge respects duplicates features of a complete operating system in a single app. Using Edge HTML helps to create an engine that, instead of duplicating the original platform, works and integrate with it to carry the best possible, accessibility, interactivity, security, battery life, just pure performance on that platform. In future windows are fully committed to doing so, across the whole spectrum of Windows 10 form factors and platforms.

On iOS technology, windows are using Webkit engine, as delivered by iOS in the WKWebView control. That means that from a compatibility outlook, Safari is recently available for iOS, Microsoft Edge for iOS must match the Safari version.

On Android technology, windows are using the blink rendering engine that comes from the project of Chromium browser. This methodology provides us better performance and much control than using the Android Web View Control that means we are transporting our own fake copy of the rendering engine in the application. Windows imagine to keep up with Chromium releases much like new chromium based Android browser.  Microsoft Edge is currently available for Android, which exactly matches the recent version of Chrome.

User Agent String

Most of the developers have the common questions like –How can I find Microsoft Edge from my website?

In some cases, you have to know the user is using Microsoft Edge on an Android and iOS device, but in many cases, you need not worry about to do anything changed for your site to just work in Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS.

Currently, the apps are using User Agent strings that accurately match the strings used by the main browser on that platform.

 Windows are very much eager to be introducing these preview apps, taking the Microsoft Edge ecosystem to the devices in your pocket with your expected new features and a lot of unique advanced features to come.

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