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Selenium is one of the best free open source automation testing tool for web applications. Selenium supports different browsers and different platforms. Selenium tool is also the same as the QTP tool. From this article, we will discuss the Brief Introduction of the Selenium Tool. The main four components of the Selenium tools are IDE, Remote control, Selenium Grid, WebDriver. Selenium tool was developed by Jason Huggins. Selenium automation tool was developed by using JavaScript. First, it was named as “JavaScriptTestRunner”. Selenium Training in Chennai will get more ideas about Selenium Automation testing.

Origin of Selenium Remote Control

 The short form of the Selenium Remote control is called Selenium RC. This RC was developed by Paul Hammant. It is RC was supported as the HTTP proxy. It is used to test the web application from the same domain. This is called the Selenium 1 or Selenium RC.


This was developed by Patrick. It is used to shorten the execution of the time. First, it was called as Hosted QA. It is capturing the screenshots of the browser significant. Also, it is used to send the selenium commands to the various machines at the same time. Selenium Course in Chennai will briefly explain the Selenium grid and the usages.

IDE of Selenium Tool

Selenium IDE was developed by the Japan developer Shinya Kasatani. The main feature of this IDE is it supports the Firefox extension. Also, it is automatically record and playback the testing records. This is the main feature of this Selenium IDE. Shinya has donated the project to the Selenium project.

Selenium WebDriver

It is the first cross-platform framework for testing. It is used to control the browser to the OS level. Selenium WebDriver is more restrictive and more powerful JavaScript program. WebDriver is mostly like the Selenium Core. Selenium Training Institute in Chennai will provide the more ideas about the WebDriver and Selenium core.

Selenium 2

The merge of Selenium Remote Control and WebDriver is called as the Selenium 2. Selenium 2 is the very powerful testing tool.

About Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is one of the best simple frameworks. It supports the Firefox plugins. It can easily install with the other plugins. Selenium IDE is a prototyping tool. For advanced testing tool, we need to select the Selenium WebDriver or Selenium Remote control. The disadvantage of the Selenium IDE is it’s only supported in the Firefox. Selenium IDE supports on the various platforms like Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and C#. Selenium was performed in the conditional operation and looping format. These all are the major concepts about Selenium Core and Selenium IDE. If you are interested to know more details about this tool Selenium Training Chennai will help you.

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