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AngularJS is one of the very good JavaScript frameworks for users to develop the very powerful web applications. The AngularJS web apps are very faster and powerful. AngularJS apps are supports TypeScript, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. The new features are added in the AngularJS are HTTP service, menus, toolbars, animation, navigations, and more built-in functions are added. Here we will discuss the AngularJS and New Updates of the Angular. AngularJS code was written in the TypeScript format and it was compiled into the JavaScript in the runs in the same browser. AngularJS Training in Chennai will educate you more things about the Angular and the newly added features. For learning, AngularJS is JavaScript is the basic. If you have a good idea in JavaScript you easily learn the AngularJS. If you are interested to learn the AngularJS before we should learn the basic concept in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and TypeScript.

New Versions of AngularJS

The first release of the AngularJS was 2012. And the next version is Angular2. Compare to Angular2 it was added the new features and built-in functions in the next version of the Angular2. Followed by Angular2 Angular3 was released. Followed by Angular4 was released in 2017. Angular 4 was added the more built-in features like Animation, forms, navigations and etc. After Angular4 Angular5 was released in 2018. Angular5 was simply called as Angular. Angular is the new version of the AngularJS. It has the more features and built-in functions in Angular. AngularJS Course in Chennai will provide the more added features and built-in functions.

Needs for Angular Installation

For installing the AngularJS, we have four requirements. Angular 4 Training in Chennai is the best to learn a lot about AngularJS and the above versions. We will discuss the requirements as follows




Angular CLI

These all are the main requirements for installing the AngularJS. Once Nodejs was installed after that Npm will be install. After Npm Angular CLI will be install. IDE is your choice for use. You should install like Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Atom, notepad++, etc. AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai will provide the more IDE’s and installation process for AngularJS. For installation process of the Angular is very easy. And it will learn a lot during this installation process.

Opportunities in AngularJS

From the above, we discussed the AngularJS updates, the new versions, and the installation process. These are main concepts of the AngularJS. If you have an idea of the AngularJS you will become a good Web Developer in the software market. AngularJS provides the more career opportunities and software development skills in the field. If you are good at JavaScript AngularJS is very easy to learn. Learn AngularJS and get a good feature in the Software field. Angular 2 Training in Chennai will guide you for more into the good Web developer.

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