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Oracle Training in Chennai

In the current scenario, Oracle DBA plays a major role in today’s world. Oracle offers flexibility to deploy public, private and hybrid cloud. Learn more via Oracle Training in Chennai and here is the list to know about Oracle DBA.

  1. Install and Configure the Oracle

Install Oracle OS, each platform has own requirements. Learning Oracle installation is helpful to do some projects in the limited duration. Installing in Windows Server, Linux and UNIX can vary considerably. Listen, Read and Observe how to install the OS and get practical experience.

  1. Backup and Recovery Database

The major responsibilities of a database are to ensure availability and continuity of the database. Numerous organizations prefer Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) because it helps to demonstrates that how you are maintaining the key business objectives. It also helps to evaluate your reaching targets. Every day millions of databases are stored in the cloud because a cloud is highly secured one without exact proof cloud doesn’t allow to open your account.  At the same time, lost or erased information can also be recovered in the minimal duration.

  1. Command over PL/SQL and SQL

SQL is a non-procedural language that helps to execute both Data Manipulation and Data Definition Language commands. A beginner who needs to learn PL/SQL can reach approach Oracle course in Chennai. Learning PL/SQL helps to enable DBA and it is written by programmers.

  1. Monitoring and Tuning

One should monitor all those things in their businesses. Each and every business now prefers cloud to protect their data with high security. Oracle Data Cloud analyzes, aggregates and activates the data into a unified solution. With this, you can find out more about your customers such as where they go, what they do and what they buy.

  1. Graphical User Interface Tools

GUI tools help to increase productivity and the user will get quick results. With GUI support a user can trace the history from command line interfaces to graphical ones. Windows, Pointer, Scrollbars are the main pieces of GUI. It also allows a user to interact with electronic devices through visual indicators and graphical icons.

Identify the right career path

Oracle DBA is the right career path for the freshers. Candidates who are looking to study Oracle DBA can reach over at Oracle DBA Training in Chennai. Highly experienced professionals offer training to the students with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills with wonderful guidance.

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