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3 Major Things you have to do later than Google Algorithm Update

There are continuous changes happening in the SEO world, it will be frequently changing and every year Google rolled out algorithm around more than 500 times. Huge updates make a lesser impact but some of the updates make a major impact. Past two years alone, we have seen up to nine major updates to the Google algorithm.  The most talkative updates in SEO community are Google “Possum” and “Penguin 4.0”.  Even every major update in SEO world would face height of trouble to bring the result back. It’s highly applicable to the SEO professionals who made bad practices in SEO. Our SEO Training in Chennai will guide you entire stuff based on Google guidelines, so people who do SEO with our knowledge can easily escape from major algorithm updates. In this post, I give you 3 Major Things you have to do later than Google Algorithm Update

  1. Don’t be filled with fear

Don’t get panic for all the minor updates announced from Google, I know if you are a beginner you have that type of thought, but it’s totally waste of time and energy. Always focus on major updates from Google and keep thinking how to work on them. Let’s read out the major Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin. Google did share the Google algorithm updates in a Google webmaster central blog and you can get the prior announcement from the Google in this blogs so that you can expect what will happen after that. So don’t bother about what will happen after the algorithm rolled out, so once you understand the major algorithm after did SEO Course in Chennai you can freely work on it.

  1. Wait until it reacts

Once relaxing, next thing you have to do is wait to react. It can be enticing to go out and make changes on your website. Don’t works before you site get penalized let’s give time to roll out. If your website gets penalized or if your website faces any impact just start to explore and work on it. If you do SEO based on Google guidelines you website never ever impacted negatively. So do SEO Training in a reputed SEO Training Institute in Chennai to get detailed knowledge of Google algorithm.

  1. Refer trustworthy sources and make adjustments where required.

Referring Google webmaster blog is the right place to begin. If you have any doubts or any assistance regarding Google algorithm updates, just go through it or else get guidance from the professional tutors in our SEO Training Chennai. We have a talented and most experienced SEO professional, so they will assist you better than others.

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