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Creating software is like constructing a building. If the foundation is not solid, it is difficult to build the software. Security, Cost Optimization, Reliability, Operational Excellence and Performance Efficiency are the five pillars of AWS. Without these pillars it is difficult to build the software, this helps to focus on other aspects of design such as functional requirements.

Amazon with the most promise of complete scalability, responsibility, agility and freedom. AWS framework helps cloud architects to build secure, resilient, high-performing and efficient infrastructure possible for apps. All these frameworks provide a consistent approach for AWS Partner Network (APN) and customers. It also helps to design the scale as per the customer requirements. Learn how to build the software with the support of AWS Training in Chennai, specialists from FITA teach you step-by-step manner. Use this opportunity and enrich your skills in a short duration.

  1. Security

Security matters to the cloud. It has the ability to protect system, information and assets while delivering the business value through mitigation strategies and risk assessments.


  • Prepare for security events
  • Apply security for all layers
  • Enable the tracking process
  • Implement an identity foundation
  • Secure the system such as Operating System level, data and application
  1. Cost Optimization

It has the ability to avoid unnecessary activities.


  • Avoid spending money on data center operations
  • Analyze the expenditure
  • Calculate overall efficiency
  • Use managed services to reduce the cost
  1. Reliability

It has the capability to recover from service disruptions or infrastructure, mitigate disruptions, transient network issues and much more.


  • Helps to recover data failure automatically
  • Data recovery procedures
  • Stop guessing the capacity
  • Manage change in automation
  1. Operational Excellence

It has the ability to monitor system the system. At the same time, it helps to improve the procedures and supporting process.


  • Anticipate failure
  • Make frequent changes
  • Annotate documentation
  • Learn from operational failures
  • Perform operations with coding
  1. Performance Efficiency

It has the ability to maintain the technologies and it helps to use computing resources efficiently.


  • Mechanical Sympathy
  • Go global in seconds
  • Democratize the advanced technology
  • Use serverless architecture

These are the five pillars of AWS, it helps to learn everything about Amazon Web Services. Learn from today, AWS Certification in Chennai is the right choice to learn all about AWS. 10+ years of experienced professionals guide the students through real-time scenarios. Enroll today and get your dream job with high salary package. Once completing the course from FITA will help you to reach a great height.

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