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Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) which is used by companies of all sizes. It makes organizing the sales, operations, marketing, and more teams in one central hub easier than ever, allowing you to focus on growth rather than getting aligned in the first place. It is fairly easy and a great platform to customize it to corporate needs. There is enormous demand and growing for Salesforce that increases Salesforce Training in Chennai along with Big Data Training in Chennai. In the ecosystem of salesforce by 2022, the demand is expected to create 3.3 million jobs.

Blockchain technology adds a lot of value in data management. In a CRM system, blockchain can help by keeping track of all data in millions of interactions where data is stored and retrieved continuously across numerous entities. Data is utilized by different organizational departments like marketing or sales or even HR. Any CRM data object can be built and shared by a blockchain object by customers in the same process. Asset tracking, credentialing, confirmation, and validation of products are used in the assortment of blockchain.


The data can be decentralized by achieving the essential blockchain. Salesforce’s architecture makes sure the specific client nodes in the network have access to the full copy of the data which reduces dependency. The CRM conveys a quick and straightforward approach to assemble trusted networks in partners that offer checked and distributed data in Salesforce Blockchain. Salesforce lightning is able to deploy and oversee blockchain systems, work processes, smart contracts, and applications with clicks, without requiring code. Salesforce allows users to make blockchain information significant through native integration. Complex blockchain networks with sales data or marketing processes can be connected to bring everything together and make it incredibly transparent. It is because private blockchains use a fast consensus algorithm and transaction which can handle the Salesforce platform. The users can effectively apply AI, integrate with chatbots, and perform search queries on blockchain data in Blockchain Training in Chennai.


Salesforce is one of the biggest proponents for open-source software development. It would be deploying a specialized decentralized network aiming to use public blockchain networks. Lition technology has been used recently. Lition technology is layer two open private blockchains on top of Ethereum. Lition’s innovation will be accessible through an App in the Salesforce marketplace. It can be used on Salesforce’s cloud framework. Lition’s blockchain app utilizes the essential data in a secret and carefully designed way.  Even the demand for Dot Net Training in Chennai, PHP Training in Chennai and Digital Marketing Course in Chennai increases.